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 450 /t   
 410-390 /t wholesale
Alta Active, s.r.o., Prague
Flax seed from Kazakhstan, oil content 48-53%, impurity 0.5-2.0% -cleaned. Delivery monthly from 1000 tons on DAP terms. Vladimir, tel .: (Viber, WhatsApp). E-mail:
Kuchyňská deska LG Hi-macs G001
 200 /sq m DAP   
from  160 /sq m wholesale
LG Hi-macs, LLC, UA Prague, CZ
Výroba kuchyňských desek z akrylového kamene s dodávkou do jakéhokoliv města v České republice
Frame-panel houses
 200 /sq m   
 150-200 /sq m wholesale
Our company "CITY-HOUSE" is a manufacturer of the frame-panel houses based on Canadian technology, located in Ukraine. With the extensive experience in the construction, I want to offer the supply of
The industrial Base of Kazakhstan, Akmola area 4.6 hectare.
 216,499 /pc
Group of companies contact..., LLP, KZ Prague, CZ
Рresent to your attention a plot of land located in a favorable place for business in one place, along the Republican road R-262. Zhaksy-Esil-Buzuluk 27 kilometers from the city of Esil, at the
 0.13 /pc EXW   
 0.13-0.14 /pc wholesale
Андре, LLC, BG Prague, CZ
The Andre Ltd , Bulgaria Vat 103845723 the distributor in Bulgaria good plants winery plants and mineral water plants . Our plants and the company Andre Ltd is a leading producer of fine wine and
Xanthan Gum
$ 2.30 /kg
Казахстанская Промышленная..., LLP, KZ Prague, CZ
Xanthan gum is one of the most effective, most widely used and most versatile polysaccharide across the world today. It is mainly composed of D-glucose, D-mannose, D-glucuronic acid and acetyl. Under
Prodám tiskárny HP
 25 /pc EXW   
 20-1,000 /paleta wholesale
MER Piotr Wieczorek, Sp. z o.o., PL Prague, CZ
Jsme společnost "Mer", která působí na polském trhu od roku 2004 a od samého začátku se zabývá dovozem a prodejem zařízení po pronájmu. Především notebooky, počítače a tiskárny. Během všech těchto
Produce, briquette Nestro oak, beech, needles
 139 /t DAP
Bio Group, PE, UA Prague, CZ
Manufacturer. We produce fuel briquettes such as Nestro. Diameter 50mm, length 7-15cm. Ideally dry and solid, mix - oak, beech, needles. Price per ton with delivery (bags of 35 kg). Production in
 0.85 /kg FCA   
from  0.80 /kg wholesale
Сезам, LLC, UA Prague, CZ
Good day My name is Arkadii I’m export manager of famous Ukraine company “Sezam”, we are producer of confectionary items such as: halva, treacle-cake, Turkish delight, toffee, peanuts in sugar and
Slunečnicový olej, sójový olej pro technické a krmné účely
 1 /t DAP   
 1-3 /t wholesale
HBU Agrol, Sp. z o.o., PL Hradec Králové, CZ
Prodávám slunečnicový olej, sójový olej pro technické a krmné účely. Cena a množství, které budou dohodnuty. Dodávka z 48-130 Kietrz (Polsko) v podmínkách DA P nebo FCA. Kontakt: e-mail: dav; VIBER;
 200 /t FCA
Grininvestgrup, LLC, BY Prague, CZ
Kvasinky získaný z technicky čistých kvasinkových kultur pěstovaných na substrátu zrna materiálu, zdroj bílkovin, vitamínů a stopových prvků. Proteinové kvasničné krmivo se štěpí tělem zvířat při
 70 /t FCA
Октопус-ПВМ, LLC, BY Prague, CZ
Our company Octopus-PVM LLC offers sunflower husk pellets 6-8mm. Supply ability 100-1000 tonn per month in Big Bag or in bulk. Ash less than 2,8% Moisture les than 8% Сertificate and TLR report is
Cooperation:supply of material from the Siberian cedar. larh
 200 /cu m DDP
Группа Компаний РесурсСибири, LLC, RU Prague, CZ
Good afternoon! Proposed cooperation: supply of material from the Siberian cedar. larch We offer regular supplies of timber for further processing: Any size according to Your requirement
Iphone xs max 64gb
  11,346 /1
Apple inc, s.r.o., Prague
Warranty: 1year international warranty policy Return Policy:90 Days of Inspections after which you can return if the item purchase is not working fine.
Urea 46%
$ 175 /t
Казахстанская Промышленная..., LLP, KZ Prague, CZ
Sell urea 46% for 175$ without transport production of Turkmenistan Urea grade A, B 50 000 tons per month Application: use in industry as a raw material in the manufacture of resins, adhesives, etc.,
Drying cabinet for fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs
 6,000 /pc EXW   
 5,700-5,800 /pc wholesale
Термообработка, LLC, UA Prague, CZ
Inside, the drying cabinet is made of food sheet aluminum, insulated with foam plastic and sealed with silicone sealant. Exterior of the cabinet case is covered with sheets of galvanized steel. Trays
Ecological clean house from Arkhangelsk pine
 100,000 /pc   
 50,000-100,000 /pc wholesale
Alta Active, s.r.o., Prague
Ecological clean house from Arkhangelsk pine we build wooden houses by individual order (project in price) from 120m2 only from Arkhangelsk pine and spruce, it is the best building material for log
Thermally modified wood
 20 /sq m EXW   
 17-18 /sq m wholesale
Термообработка, LLC, UA Prague, CZ
I offer heat-treated wood. Thermoeasine, thermosens, thermosilver and other breeds of wood. Dimensions of thermomodified saw timber according to the order. Possible manufacture of final molded
Reverse Osmosis Systems
 1,850 /pc
Litech Aqua, LLC, UA Prague, CZ
Litech Aqua Desolt - reverse osmosis systems, which are developed using advanced 3D modeling and software for designing accurate processes. Our reverse osmosis systems are manufactured on a mobile
I-Rem filter (removal of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulphide)
 850 /pc
Litech Aqua, LLC, UA Prague, CZ
I-Rem effectively performs the following functions: removal of iron; removal of manganese; removal of hydrogen sulphide; The service life of the filtering backfill is 7 years! This filter does not
Terasová prkna ze sibiřského modřinu
  370 /sq m   
 510-700 /cu m wholesale
Lios Wood, s.r.o., Prague
Terasová prkna sibiřský modřín 27x143 cena od 60 Kč. Jsme výrobce. Nejniší ceny. Prodáme hotové výrobky ze sibiřského modřinu. Výrobky jsou vysušené a hoblované. Kvalita ab - 510 euro/m3 cca 30
Humate from high quality Ukranian Leonardit
 1.50 /kg   
from  1.30 /kg wholesale
Спаго, LLC, UA Prague, CZ
We are a new producer of Humate products and other fertilizers from high quality Ukranian leonardite. And we are interested in finding partners in the fertilizers' market. We are offering low prices
Ultrafiltration system
 5,600 /pc
Litech Aqua, LLC, UA Prague, CZ
Ultrafiltration is one of the baromembrane methods of water purification. Under certain pressure, the water entering the ultrafiltration unit passes through a semipermeable membrane and is divided
Equipment for the production of liquid fertilizers
 20 /pc EXW
Спаго, LLC, UA Prague, CZ
We produce mini-plants for the production of ammonium carbamide and liquid complex fertilizers - CAS or different NPK mixtures with different micro and macro additives. The productivity of plant from
A high-density vibrodamping elastomer Nowelle® mod.3.20
 236 /pc EXW
НТЦ Резина, LLC, RU Prague, CZ
Nowelle® mod.3.20.  is a high-density vibrodamping elastomer. It is a polymer composite material designed for insulating vibration in equipment (e. g., industrial) that works in conditions of
$ 12,500 /pc
GlobalPaper, OÜ, EE Prague, CZ
Zařízení pro papírové kelímky Vysoký výkon a dobrá cena Vhodné pro práci s Velmi spolehlivé Rychlé a spolehlivé služby Sklenice papírové pro přípravu teplých a studených nápojů, zmrzliny, atd.
Vysoce-hustý vibrační tlumící elastomer Nowelle mod.3.20.
 235 /pc EXW
НТЦ Резина, LLC, RU Prague, CZ
Nowelle® mod.3.20. - elastomerní materiál s vysokou hustotou pro tlumení vibrací. Materiál  odolný vůči agresivním chemikálie, průmyslovým a strojním olejům,  benzinu, vodným roztokům kyseliny a
A low-hardness vibrodamping elastomer Nowelle® mod.4.10
 83 /pc EXW
НТЦ Резина, LLC, RU Prague, CZ
Nowelle® mod.4.10.  is a low-hardness vibrodamping elastomer. It is a polymer composite material designed for insulating vibration in equipment (e. g., industrial). Maximum leveling effect is
 450 /t EXW   
 445-450 /t wholesale
Вестнорд, LLC, UA Prague, CZ
The company manufacturer sells vegetable fatty acids. The plant is located in Ukraine. Volume up to 600 tons
$ 310 /t CIF
Янович В.Л., SP, UA Prague, CZ
Selling scrap rails on the terms CIF. The minimum delivery is 10000 tons. The maximum delivery is 500000 tons. Terms of payment: L / C.
$ 663 /t CIF
Янович В.Л., SP, UA Prague, CZ
Selling sunflower oil. Terms of delivery of CIF. Form of payment: SBLC. Origin: Ukraine. The minimum volume of delivery is 2000 tons. Price: from 663 USD MT CIF. We work after receiving ICPO.
Hitte trench heating/cooling convectors
  1 /pc
Hitte, s.r.o., Sokolov
We are produce heating and cooling tranch convectors and heat exchangers. Located in Karlovy Vary looking for dealers in Czech Republic. If you interested in cooperation, contact us on email or phone
Decorative glass panels for doors
 65 /pc EXW
Пивнич, LLC, UA Prague, CZ
We are looking customer, who would like to buy the oval decorative glass panels for the doors. Minimal order from 1000,0 pcs.
Zahradní terasa
 700 /pc EXW   
 350-360 /pc wholesale
ТД Руд Экзост Систем, LLC, UA Prague, CZ
Výborné řešení pro venkovský dům nebo vilu. Střešní tkanina - Oxford Volitelné - dronální. . Kompletní zařízení - d * sh * in - 2200mm * 2500mm * 2000mm Může být doplněn stanu proti
Natural aromatic oils
 15 /pc FOB   
 4-9 /pc wholesale
Prlotusinternational, LS, TR Prague, CZ
Natural aromatic oils, 100% without admixtures and aromatic additives. A wide range of products. Oils are made in the world-famous city of Isparta, famous for its roses and products from them. At us
Natural cosmetics from Turkey
$ 15 /pc FOB   
$ 3-10 /pc wholesale
Prlotusinternational, LS, TR Prague, CZ
We offer you not just natural cosmetics based on rose oil, we offer you a real brand. Products. made with the addition of 100% natural rose oil from soap to perfume - natural lotions, milk. creams,
Asfalt, živicef, Bitumen, Bitumen powder
 65 /t EXW
Кнудсен и Кнудсен, LLC, BY Prague, CZ
Company "Samsonov and Knudsen" offers Bitumen powder consisting of oil bitumen and mineral additions containing ~80% of bitumen. Cost: 80 USD per 1 ton. Spheres of application: • road construction
 685 /t FCA
RamiTrade, SIA, LV Prague, CZ
Oferujemy oleje bazowe z rafinerij Rosji i Białoruśi. Na dzień dzisiejszy są dostępne następujące oleje bazowe: SN-500 Naftan, i40A Rosneft, VHVI-4 Tatneft-Taneco. Zapraszamy do współpracy! Dla
  5 /kg   
  4.90 /kg wholesale
Optima-plas.K, s.r.o., Prague
Prodej pelety vyrobeného na Ukrajině Balení big bag- 4,90 kc s DPH Balení 15 kg -5,00 kc s DPH Dodávka - 20t
БМЗ быстромонтируемые здания, склады, , цеха, ангары
  100 /sq m   
  100 /sq m wholesale
Хольц Хауз, LLC, UA Prague, CZ
Проектируем и строим быстромонтируемые здания из металлоконструкций: -Склады, ангары; Промздания; Офисные здания; Спорткомплексы; Торговые центры; Автосалоны; Подробнее:
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