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Aditivní motorové oleje

Aditivní motorové oleje
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Introducing the new NeoProtec GT-em product.

This is a patented development of ashless anti-wear additive in motor and transmission oils.
What is the difference between the NeoProtec GT-em and other wear protection products?
- patented formula.
- dosage of 25 ml per 4-5 liters of oil (0.5-0.7% of the volume of the oil system).
- ashless organic product, which is safe for particulate filters.
- does not contain mineral oils, hydrocarbons, sulfur, metals, ceramics, etc.
- does not contain solid particles.
- effective not only as a protection of parts against wear, but also protects the oil from premature oxidation (tarring), improves the low-temperature properties of oils.
- completely inert, i. e. does not interact with non-ferrous metals, thus eliminating completely corrosive effects, which makes it possible to increase the protection of metals from the corrosive effects of oil aged during operation.
- the product is constantly in the mass of oil, does not settle and does not accumulate on the surfaces of engine parts and transmissions.
- provides the oil with the ability to preserve the oil film on the metal surface even during prolonged shutdowns, which at the time of “cold” starting the engine provides lubrication of the rubbing parts, thereby significantly increasing the life of the unit.
- etc..

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Гаврилаш Виталий Викторович
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Гаврилаш Виталий Викторович
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Aditivní motorové oleje
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