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Aerodynamic grain separator ASM-5

Aerodynamic grain separator ASM-5
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Aerodynamic grain separator ASM-5 - photo 1 Aerodynamic grain separator ASM-5 - photo 2 Aerodynamic grain separator ASM-5 - photo 3 Aerodynamic grain separator ASM-5 - photo 4 Aerodynamic grain separator ASM-5 - photo 5
Posted: 17 June 2020, 14:06 ID: 1762388
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Grain Energy, LLC produces several types of grain separators: aerodynamic separators with productivity of tons/hour and screen separators with productivity of tons/hour.
Aerodynamic separator has the principle of work, which lies in changing of a trajectory of grain falling under influence of an air stream.
Screen separator is a grain-cleaning machine with built-in screens, sieves, by means of which grain is cleaned and sorted.
Our company offers a wide range of grain-cleaning machines of own design and manufacture at affordable prices.
Working with us, you can buy high-quality grain-cleaning machines on the most favorable terms.
You can buy transporters, silages, bunkers, grain dryers, buckets for loaders, bunkers and many other things as well.
I will be happy to answer all your questions by Whatsapp

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Aerodynamic grain separator ASM-5
41,200/piece ID: 1762388
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