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Bedding for farm animals, straw granulate

Bedding for farm animals, straw granulate
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PELLEGREEN TM straw pellets are a great alternative to classic straw bedding. The pellets are made of 100% natural plant material without preservatives and additives. The pellet bedding is suitable for horses, cattle, goats, pigs, poultry, and other farm animals.

The thermal treatment of biomass and high pressure during pressing granules significantly reduces the number of microbes and bacteria. Straw pellets absorb liquid up to 400% of their dry weight, resulting in reduced manure volume.

Straw pellets are easy to use. It is necessary to clean only manure and heavily soaked places in the corral every day. It saves much time and effort. Pellets are packed in convenient bags on pallets, so they take up much less space in storage than massive straw bales.

Why should you buy it?
• non-allergenic and safe for health;
• spores and mold are absent;
• absorbs liquids quickly and reliably;
• increases the time between corrals/stables/pens cleaning;
• provides a favorable indoor climate as straw pellets prevent the formation of ammonia from urea, resulting in fewer pests in a corral;
• effective and economical;
• сonvenient to store;
• safe in case of accidental ingestion of an animal;
• easy to dispose of and can be used as organic fertilizer;
• ecologically certified product.

How to use:
• First, clean the stable/pen/corral of straw and feces.
• Next, spread the bedding evenly on the floor in a layer 5 cm high. For 10 m² of the corral, you will need approximately 6 bags of 20 kg each.
• It is necessary to remove hard excrement from the surface of the bedding every day. It is enough to level wet areas with a rake for uniform distribution and drying of moisture.
• To maintain a 10 m² corral, you will need to add a 20kg bag of straw pellets approximately once a week.
• The term repeated bedding replacement depends on the corral area, the intensity of litter use, and the type of livestock. We recommend updating it fully once every 3 months but no more than 6 months.
• Used bedding saturated with feces and urine can be applied/spread directly on the field as a quality fertilizer without waiting for a complete composting cycle.

Composition: straw (shredded). 100% natural plant-based.
The size of the pellets is 6 mm. Heat treated. Free from chemical additives.

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