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Resume from 16 July 2021

1C developer in Prague

I am looking for a job in Prague, Prague, €2,500, full time
Asinskii Aleksandr Alekseevich
Asinskii Aleksandr Alekseevich 36 years old, Vladivostok, Russia, higher education

Work experience

Head of 1C development team
5 years 1 mo. Oct 2016 - Сurrent time
Monastyrev Holding (pharma), Vladivostok
5 years 1 mo. Oct 2016 - Сurrent time
Management of department resources, distribution of tasks, operational solution of issues.
Implementation and refinement of configurations based on the 1C 8.3 platform
Project development of the Company's business process automation
Development of integration between 1C configurations and third-party software
Consulting, training, and technical support
Reporting on the work of the department to management
Deploying of effective 1C development group by recruiting high qualified 1C developers, successfully performs the tasks set
Integration and data exchange with a number of third-party systems using the enterprise data bus (ESB)
Consolidated data collection for reporting from a number of third-party systems, using HTTP services
Migrate from third-party systems to 1C, with data transfer, functional refinement and user training
Creating my own Department Resources Planning & ITIL system based on 1C
1C developer
2 years 2 mo. Aug 2014 - Oct 2016
G1 Entertainment LLC (Gambling zone "Primorye"), Vladivostok
2 years 2 mo. Aug 2014 - Oct 2016
Development on the 1C 8.3 platform (ERP) (integration with third party systems, IFRS, budgeting, HR planning automation)
Two-Language user interfaces and reports development
Task management
Development of user documentation
MSSQL server management
Migrate from previously existing databases ("Accounting" on platform 7.7, "Salary and HR" on platform 8.1) to a single 1C ERP on platform 8.3
Migrate from a file database to a server database (MS SQL)
Two-Language data store organization (Rus + Eng)
Development of a large number of user reports, including consolidated financial statements for foreign investors
Launch of IFRS reporting
Development of the international personnel module, output of the tree of the Company's structural organization
Development of a project management and task accounting system on a 1C 8.3 platform
Import data from a number of third-party information systems
1C programmer
3 years Aug 2011 - Aug 2014
Uniqom (Auto spare parts uniqom.ru), Vladivostok
3 years Aug 2011 - Aug 2014
Development on the 1C 8.2 platform (programming, testing,implementation, support)
Development of my own EDI system
Development of my own budgeting subsystem
Development of WMS system
iOS development (my own Trade subsystem for iPad)

Higher education

FEFU (Far Eastern Federal University), Vladivostok
Programme Engineer
4 years 9 mo. Sep 1996 - Jun 2001


English - advanced, Russian - fluent

Additional information

Over 15 years of 1C 8. x platform experience. Experience as a programmer for more than 20 years. (1C 8.3, MSSQL, PostreSQL, C++, C#, Objective-C, MySQL)

Responsibility, sociability, honesty, creativity, interest in non-standard tasks. No bad habits.

Business style of written communication in Russian and English. Driver's license, Ready for business trips. Willing to relocate.

Hobbies: sports (karate), music (compose, drummer, guitars)

Resume number: 3142

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