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20ft 40ft High cube special purpose shipping container

20ft 40ft High cube special purpose shipping container
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20ft 40ft High cube special purpose shipping container - фото 1 20ft 40ft High cube special purpose shipping container - фото 2 20ft 40ft High cube special purpose shipping container - фото 3 20ft 40ft High cube special purpose shipping container - фото 4
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3 000 /штука
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Product Name
20ft 40ft High cube container
Mild Steel
OEM Based on RAL NO.
Thickness of plates
Customized thickness of plates are available based on your requirements.
We uses a "patented" design to convert cargo containers like 20ft(HC), 40ft(HC) into insulated modular units , which make them easily shipped as container. Of course, Each modular unit can be built and customized to the client's specifications.
Commercial Units
The HERO modular units can be procures as single modules for limited or single use. Multi module units can be procured and utilized as multi module facilities or larger compound structures. They can also be stacked for easy storage when not in use.
Furthermore, Our containers can be as functional shelters for your equipment storage and operations.
Every container can be painted as customer’s required color
Two times primer coating +two times top coating
Primer coating : Epoxy Zinc-rich (Grey)
Top coating :Any colors
We have hundreds of style containers. We can design & produce any special containers according to customer’s requirement. Our Tech. Dpt. can also provide the temporary design drawings for your confirmation. OEM is also available.

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