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Дейкало Светлана Николаевна
Дейкало Светлана Николаевна
репетитор английского языка


Good day, my dear students!
My name is Svitlana Deikalo. I was born and live in Ukraine. I am sure that you, my student, will ask me: Why do I love teaching English?
Because I enjoy the success of my students!
I started learning the language at school. Later I decided to become an English teacher. Because knowing the language gives you freedom. Freedom in communication between people and countries. It brings people closer. Naturally, while learning the language, I faced difficulties. It seemed like I would never be able to learn those words!!! But I love to travel. How can I go abroad without knowing English??? I also love to read and sing songs! How is it without English?
Later the question arose, how can I help children learn English???
I have been working at school for 15 years. And I enjoy being with my students.
I also have had a dream since childhood - to teach English to children all over the world!!! How to do it? And the solution was found - to start working in an online school.
I am a Ukrainian native - speaker and an English non-native speaker tutor.
My mission is to help my students learn English and Ukrainian and achieve their dreams.
I want my students to make their dream of comfort with English come true.
My students for English:
children, who would like to read in English
teenagers, who would like to read and write in English
adults - beginners, who would like to read, write, and speak more fluently
I help all students become effective English communicators by advancing their English communication skills.
I believe, one day, you can even be better at communicating in English than most native speakers.

My students for Ukrainian:
children, who would like to read in Ukrainian,
teenagers, who would like to read and write in Ukrainian
adults - beginners, who would like to speak more fluently
businessmen, and business professionals who would like to expand their business to Ukraine.
I can help you with your Ukrainian so you can improve your job performance and secure the future career or business opportunities you deserve.

I developed a language learning program for Adults - the elementary, and beginner, intermediate levels.

And I can confidently guarantee:
- I help to improve your job performance and secure future career opportunities by advancing your reading, pronunciation, writing, and communication skills in English and Ukrainian.

- I can help you improve your English, so you can nail your interviews and land offers from your dream companies.

I offer an effective language learning program for schoolchildren and teenagers.
And I can confidently guarantee:
- I can help you learn the language and improve your language skills to achieve your own dream.

- And I know for sure that with each lesson you get closer and closer to realizing your dreams because you gain more and more knowledge and skills that will allow you to make your life plan, and then create your life and change the world!

My program will not guarantee a job offer from global companies, but my program can contribute to that goal.

My motto is "Dream it, then do it!"

I am always with you and glad
to help)))

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Дейкало Светлана Николаевна
Дейкало Светлана Николаевна
репетитор английского языка
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Дейкало Светлана Николаевна
Дейкало Светлана Николаевна
репетитор английского языка
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