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Sale of wheat bran pellets 6,8,10mm

Sale of wheat bran pellets 6,8,10mm
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Sale of wheat bran pellets 6,8,10mm - фото 1 Sale of wheat bran pellets 6,8,10mm - фото 2
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Пополитов Сергей Сергеевич


Sale of high-quality pellets from cuts (husks) of wheat, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

The manufacturer is located in Ukraine. We are looking for long-term cooperation in Europe, long-term and large deliveries. Production volume per month 3500 tons

One-time deliveries are also possible.
There is a test result certificate.
I can send on request.
Pickup price from 180€/t ( Poltava )
Price with delivery to Warsaw from 330Є/t
Delivery is possible anywhere in Europe.
The price is negotiable based on the calculation of delivery to your location.
Please contact by all possible means or by mail (RUS/ENG)

Also now 44t (the same characteristics but 10mm) are in Burgas, Bulgaria. (Last photo) Delivery is possible in a short time. Price: pickup 330-320€/t, delivery - negotiable price (need your location)

Characteristics of pellets of all diameters
Density DE, kg/dm3 1.14
Total humidity Wr, %. 9.85
Dry ash content Ad, % 0.25
on working state Ar, % 0.34
Calorific value : Above, MJ/kg 16.3
Below, MJ/kg 17.1
Dustiness, %. 1.9
Mechanical strength of the granule DU, %.91.9
Total sulfur Std, % 0.02
Chlorine content, % 0.003
Nitrogen content, % 0.05

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на Флагма с 4 ноября 2022

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